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.. NEOTERIC ABSTRACT VIII show, NY: April 2- 25, 2020 =>Update! Will be rescheduled. The gallery is temporarily closed. Please check back later.
.. Guest speaker at ART, LIFE, FAITH event, Tokyo (March) =>Postponed due to the circumstances of COVID-19.
.. Invited to exhibit artwork at INTERNATIONAL ARTS & SPORTS FESTIVAL (June, 2020) to celebrate Tokyo 2020 Olympics/Paralympics! -Details will be announced..
.. Misako Oba's encaustic mixed media "True North" = The cover of the album [True North] by NY/Chicago based musician Ryan Redebaugh.
. . The art exhibition in Tokyo! In The Details (Artist Page and Interview article) - Thanks for visiting and purchasing the works.
.. Thank you for visiting Limner Gallery, New York. Thank you to Trestle Gallery, New York.
.. [Artist in Residency offered by Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts] -> Enjoy the blog #1, #2, and #3 in [Behind the Scene].

[Behind the Scene]

A blog about abundance in life through art: I believe art gives you energy and allows you to see things from multiple perspectives. It will provide inspiration and perhaps healing in your life.

The blog is a collection of my personal thoughts as an artist and the creative process that forms my mixed media creations, printmaking and photography. I am sharing what inspires and motivates me and the creative angles I am led towards. My hope is to reflect diversity of thought and experience.

アートを通して皆さんの人生がより豊かなものになることを願ってのブログ[Behind the Scene アートの舞台裏]を書いています。実作品の背後に潜んでいる何か...その意味。違う視点やものの見方を意識し、実際に何かを魂で「感じる」ことから始まる。「理解」できなくてもいい。アートはあなたに元気を与え、癒してくれるに違いない。人生が変わる。少なくとも私の経験上。英語で執筆する時が多いですが是非読んでみてください。翻訳機能を使ってでも。

[Misako Art 大庭みさこのアート]


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Enjoy Quotes with artwork.

Some artworks from different series can be viewed in Photo Albums:
Encaustic mixed media, Printmaking (etching/collagraph) and Photography as well as some other process are here.


また、心に響いた言葉や引用 (Quotes with artwork) を大庭みさこのアートとともに...。

* 活動や展覧会のご案内を載せた大庭みさこのニュースレター(1年に2、3回)配信しています。受信希望の方は こちらから
r visit.

[Mixed Media Paintings]

作品/ロウ画 ミクストメディア他

Encaustic mixed media, printmaking (etching/collagraph), and some photography can be viewed here. For inquire and purchase, please contact the gallery or email us. It depends on the work.

Some images of the past and current exhibitions can be viewed here. For a short bio, visit this page or please request C/V (pdf) for exhibition history and the most updated biography in English and/or Japanese.


Please feel free to inquire any time. There are more available works that are NOT in these websites.

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[Fine art photography books]


Misako Oba's monograph "FAUSTUS" Artbook with bilingual text in English/Japanese -Published by Sokyusha in Japan. Now available in bookstores ([outside Japan] or [in Japan])and online.

蒼穹舎刊)現在国内書店, 海外書店, オンラインで入手できます。
, 送料無料のよう。
*署名本の在庫は出版社, またはこちらから。

[Other photobooks/Exhibition catalog]
その他の作品集(英語版のみ) FAUSTUS ーrelated 関連
"The Gift of Loss"

[Technique book] 実用技術書
Patricia B. Seggebruch's"Encaustic Revelation"


Artworks [ Photography]
[El Camino - Beyond The Tunnel -] series.
[Blue Fire Flies] series.
Gelatin silver prints. All archivally processed by the artist.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________All images and text © 2020 Misako OBA, All Rights Reserved

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